Gender and Transgender Theory

New Stuff (December 24th, 2002)

Gender Theory (The Dry, Academic Stuff)

When you meet a human being, the first distinction you make is "male or female?" and you are accustomed to make the distinction with unhesitating certainty.

- Sigmund Freud, "Femininity"

That's not an 'or' question.

- Dogbert

Here are some articles that I've written about gender and the TG community:

  • Then maybe you'll understand some thoughts about the difference between sex and gender.
  • And that'll explain why I hate BrainSex.
  • There's also a lot to be said about thirdness.
  • I find myself pondering why we want labels.
  • I've begun working on a page about autogynephilia. This is a relatively new topic in TG circles, and I've decided to put my two cents in.


All the quotations in these pages come from the various books in my TG reading list.

Other TG Stuff

These articles tend to be a bit more personal.

  • Sometimes, I think we fail to look for the funny moments in life. I've decided to record some of my amusing scenes from trannieland -- funny things that have happened to me because I'm transgendered.
  • A who's who of important people in the TG community.
  • An article I wrote, in which I ponder the question of closed TG groups versus open TG groups.

Posting this page is an act of 'outing' myself. Oh well!

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