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What's New and Interesting! (March 25th, 2010)

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Wow. I can't believe how infrequently I've changed my home page, recently.

The last time I updated this page was in 2002. And a lot has happened in that time. First up, I've migrated to condo living. I live in a condo in downtown Toronto, which makes me happy because I'm so not a "shovel snow/cut the grass" kinda person.

Second, I think this year I'll be celebrating my 10th year with Intelliware. I've been involved in electronic health care and HL7 messaging standards for the last few years. Intelliware was the first small company I worked for. When I joined, there were fewer than 25 people there. Now we're in the 80-100 range. I feel that I've been able to be a part of a lot of change and growth at the company and that gives me a (probably illusory) feeling of connection there.

I continue to really enjoy attending WisCon every year, and I am regularly amazed by all of the incredible energy and intelligence of the people I meet there. I feel that WisCon has really educated me about a large number of important social issues, and I feel pretty indebted to it.

The biggest element of the my life over the last few years has been the stuff I've been doing in Haiti. In 2002, I went to Haiti for the first time in my life, and it was eye-opening and sobering and hard to process. As I write this now, I've been to Haiti eight times over the last eight years. My most recent trip happened just days before the country was hit with a category 7 earthquake. I've been heavily involved in social justice and political issues in the country. I've had my eyes opened to the many ways that Canada has been complicit in interference with the Haitian democracy. I spend a lot of time working with a group called the Toronto Haiti Action Committee, trying to raise awareness about Canada's foreign policy toward Haiti.

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Love, Peace and Tofu

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