The Northern Guard


Premiere Canadian Superteam to be Reformed!

"Obviously, we're pleased. The fight against evil threats can never have too many warriors."

-- Skylark, leader of StarForce, the Toronto-based superteam

The call has officially gone out for Canadian superfolk to apply for positions with the new Northern Guard, Canada's government sponsored super-team.

There have already been three previous verions of the team. The first group (1978-1981) were formed by the mysterious Wizard, and they eventually went their seperate ways. Wizard became part of a new group led by the speedster, Vector, in the mid-eighties. The final team, under the leadership of Entity, disbanded in 1998. (And who can forget the way that building exploded!)

Some Canadian papers suggest that the new superteam is merely a publicity stunt to turn the media's attention away from the major rifts within the Liberal party.

"Canada and superheroes go together like maple syrup and back bacon!"

-- The Lumberjack, new leader of the Northern Guard

The Newest Members!

The new team uses the original headquarters used by the first Northern Guard team.

The Lumberjack: The Lumberjack is a Quebecois woodsman of incredible strength. He fights with an axe and has been observed growing to eight metres in hight. Comparisons have been made both to Paul Bunyan and to the original Northern Guard member, Tyr.

The Mountie: Super lawman of the RCMP, the Mountie is a well-known face in the Canadian super-hero world. Known for his expert handling of several dangerous situations, the Mountie seems to personify everything that's good about the law. He is also the star of a 45-minute documentary about the RCMP and super powers.

Captain Sorted: Captain Sorted is on loan to the Canadian government from the British super-soldier programme. His abilities appear to be psionic, in nature, but aren't well-understood.

CN Tower: The youngest member of the group,CN Tower is able to stretch her body into some useful shapes.

Glue Girl: A mutant, able to secrete a mysterious glue-like substance, Glue Girl is able to walk on walls and ensnare enemies. Not much else is known about her at this time.

The Hoser: Urk. An out-of-control hockey fan with super-powers. How did this guy get in the group?


Previous Incarnations


See the timeline.

The First Team

  • Wizard -- mystic, believed to have left Earth's dimension.
  • Tyr -- Axe-wielding giant
  • Laser Ray -- energy shooter
  • Shifter -- shapechanger, believed to have been killed in 1983.

The Second Team

  • Vector -- speedster
  • Sonique -- sonic powers
  • Wizard -- mystic, believed to have left Earth's dimension.
  • Predator -- super-strong cat-beast, retired from public service in 1987.
  • Bandit -- futuristic cowboy
  • Obsidian -- interdimensional policeman from the dark dimension
  • Nightwalker -- Super ninja
  • Apollo -- bow-wielding weaponmaster
  • Red Phoenix -- fire-controlling entity who cannot die

The Third Team

  • Entity -- mental-powers
  • Will-o-the-Wisp -- strange light creature
  • Blowgun -- high-technology hunter
  • Valkyrie -- armour-wearing, sword-wielding fighter
  • Mandroid -- a strong android who could control magnetism



The Honourable John McCallum

As Minister of National Defence, John McCallum is the cabinet minister with responsibility for the National Guard.

Jerome Dupuis

The Northern Guard's government liaison. Dupuis belongs to MISSION, the Canadian agency that registers super-powered individuals, determines how to incarcerate supervillians, and provides government briefings to the Department of National Defence. MISSION also works closely with the UNTIL.

Dupuis is a former RCMP officer.

Lynn Fisher

Lynn is the Department of Defence project director in charge of the creation of the new superteam. Her issues are timelines, budgets, and coordination with media.

Yves Robillard and Karen Frankle

Yves Robillard and Karen Frankle are the image consultants for the group. Their job is to suggest new costumes, work on speech writing, and help mold the image of the group as Canada's premiere super-team.