The Northern Guard


1915 The Canadian Air Force introduces the High Flyer. The High Flyer frequently allies himself with Britain's Black Eagle during the war.
April 21st, 1918 The High Flyer shoots down The Red Baron.
1942 The Canadian Shield, a wartime hero first appears.
1951 The Canadian Shield retires from public sight.
1976 The MacHayle Institute is formed by a wealthy eccentric to study superpowers.
1978 Canada establishes an official super-team, the Northern Guard. Team members Wizard, Tyr, Laser Ray and the Shifter pledge to protect Canada from supervillain threats. The Canadian government provides them with a base in a government building in downtown Toronto.
1981 The first Northern Guard team splits up.
1983 The Shifter is killed fighting animated stone gargoyles. Although not proven, the alchemist, Nycademos, is suspected to have animated the gargoyles.
June 30th, 1984 John Turner replaces Pierre Trudeau as leader of the Liberal party and Prime Minister of Canada
September 7th, 1984 Brian Mulroney becomes Prime Minister of Canada as Progressive Conservatives elected to a majority government.
November 15th, 1984

Canada forms a second Northern Guard. The reformation of the Northern Guard was a PC election campaign platform. Wizard agrees to become a member of the new team, although he declines to be its leader. Instead, the new hero, Vector, agrees to lead the team. Their new base is located in Ottawa.


The MacHayle Institue becomes MISSION, an organization that reports the Department of National Defence. MISSION has three main responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the Northern Guard
  2. Provide high-technology prison facilities for supervillains
  3. Liaise with UNTIL, and provide them local support
1985 The Northern Guard battles General Dark, a supervillain from the same dark dimension as Northerd Guard member, Blackout. The Northern Guard prevents General Dark from transporting Earth to the dark dimension.
1985 The armoured hero, Forceknight, first appears on the west coast, battling Psion and the Infiltrators.
January 3rd, 1987 Wizard leaves our dimension, for reasons that are never made public.
October 11th, 1987 Predator leaves the Northern Guard, and is never heard from again.
1988 Forceknight and the Northern Guard team up to battle Tilingkoot, an ancient Inuit ice spirit.
1989 The seconds Northern Guard team splits up.
July 11th, 1990 Oka crisis begins. Mohawk protesters occupy contested land for 77 days.
1991 Ravenspeaker, an extremely powerful Haida shaman, prevents Tilingkoot from freezing Vancouver.
July 23rd, 1992 The "Battle of Detroit": Almost defeated, Dr. Destroyer activates a device that devastates most of Detroit, and kills thousands, including many superheroes. Windsor suffers minor damage.
1992 The cosmically-powered Quebec heroine, Celestar, first appears in a battle against Lord Dire.
June 25th, 1993 Kim Campbell replaces Brian Mulroney as leader of the Progressive Conservative party and Prime Minister of Canada.
November 4th, 1993 Jean Crétien becomes Prime Minister of Canada as Liberals elected to a majority government. During the election, both the Liberals and the PCs vowed to reform the Northern Guard. The Reform party argues against the expense of a government-funded superteam.
December 13th, 1993

The third incarnation of the Northern Guard is announced by the Canadian Department of National Defence. This team includes entirely new members. The group moves in to the Ottawa headquarters previously used by the second team.

Rumour has it that the extremely popular Celestar declined to join the team, preferring to work solo.

April 10th, 1995 Skylark and Sirius form StarForce, a Toronto-based superteam. Other members include Snowmane and the Aquarian.
1996 StarForce is joined by The Minstrel, a half-human, half-elvish bard. The newspapers have a field day with the rumoured love triangle between SkyLark, Sirius and Minstrel.
1996 The Northern Guard battles Professor Muerte and Terror, Inc.
October 3rd, 1997 The Toronto Tattler prints an article suggesting that the Northern Guard team members can't stand one another. Special criticism is leveled against the group's leader, Entity.
October 1997 Various members of the Northern Guard and the government are hounded for comments about the Tattler article.
September 4th, 1998 Captain Sorted and Captain Power, two members of the British super-soldier program, hunt for a member of the Super-Jihad Warriors in Amsterdam. Captain Sorted eventually fights Afreet.
May 2nd, 1998 Celestar receives the Order of Canada
August 20th, 1998 The Northern Guard's headquarters is dramatically destroyed by Psion.
August 26th, 1998 The third Northern Guard votes to disband.
1998 Mandroid, formerly of the third Northern Guard team, joins StarForce.
1999 Celestar battles Borealis in a major fight over Montreal. Most on-lookers agree that the fight is extremly close, but Celestar manages to drive off Borealis.
2000 Dr. Cameron, a university professor in Ottawa, uncovers a the remains of a UFO in the Ottawa river. Together with three assistants, the group salvages a number of alien artifacts from the ship and forms the super-team, COMET.
November, 2002 Minister of Defence, John McCallum, announces that the government will be forming a fourth Northern Guard team, and puts out a call for heroes to try out for the team.
December 4th, 2002 A number of Canadian supers compete for membership in the new Northern Guard.
December 11th, 2002

The Ministry of National Defence announces the new Northern Guard in a press conference in a downtown Toronto hotel. Team leader, Lumberjack, makes a brief (and incomprehensible) speech.

The new team is attacked at the press conference by the all-but-forgotten villains, the Infiltrators -- Lightspeed, Titanothere, Booster, Falcon, and Firedrake. It is later revealed that the attack is a publicity stunt to promote their new book, Infiltrators: Exploits of a Supervillain Team.

January 9th, 2003

Northern Guard members, The Mountie, Captain Sorted and Glue Girl investigate break-ins at the Multicorp plant in Sarnia.

Meanwhile, The Lumberjack, CN Tower and The Hoser fight a dinosaur in the parking lot of the Don Mills Shopping Mall. After subduing the creature, they have a brief encounter with Captain Chronos.

January 10th, 2003 After a visit from Vincent Dmitrios, an old colleague of The Wizard, Lumberjack, Captain Sorted, Glue Girl and CN Tower investigate Wizard's history to stop Tyrannon's evil emissary. They eventually discover Wizard's former residence, and manage to fight off the emissary who has mystically bonded with a strawberry gelatin dessert.
January 11th, 2003 Captain Sorted and Glue Girl travel to England to investigate the death of Sargent Granite (one of the Captain's British super-soldier colleagues).
January 13th The Mountie and The Hoser prevent a chemical fire on the 401 highway. The Mountie's SUV is severely damaged.
January 14th The Breakdancer is released from jail after serving 17 years of a 30-year sentence.
January 14th

The Lumberjack, The Mountie and Jerome Dupuis travel to Justice Hall in New York to meet the Justice Squadron. The Justice Squadron is planning to replace their super-sonic Slingshot jet and the team has been asked to recommend whether or not the Canadian government should try to purchase it.

Later that night, while still in New York, the Lumberjack ends up in a barroom fight with the super-villain known as Bulldozer.


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