The Occult

Occult powers come in a few forms:

  1. Psi -- the ability of some individual to use psionic abilities;
  2. Theurgy -- the ability of priests to focus divine energy through rituals involving prayers, gestures and recitations;
  3. Runecasting — unknown in the Empire, but allegedly practiced in the Vuldrok realms; and
  4. Antinomy -- strange powers granted to people who make dark deals with otherworldly beings.


Every character who uses the occult bears a special stigma -- a physical feature that is related to the use of his or her powers. For some people, the stigma only appears when the occult power is being used, and for others, the stigma is always present.

Stigmas are generally purchased as distinctive features. Some possible stigmas include:

Cost Stigma
0 Distinctive Features: pupils turn blood red while using Occult powers, (easily concealable, Noticed), only when using occult powers (-5)
Cost Stigma
10 Distinctive Features: tattoo-like markings of religious symbols cover the theurge's body (concealable, Noticed)
Cost Stigma
10 Distinctive Features: Character's skin turns pale and veins turn black (concealable, Causes major reaction), only when using occult powers (-5)


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