The Occult:


Theurgy is a form of Occult that uses prayer or liturgy to focus the power of the Pancreator to achieve supernatural effects. One can learn Theurgy during priestly studies, although not all priests need to learn such rites.

Theurgy in Hero System Terms

Theurgy is built using a Multipower base, with the following required limitations:

Cost Power
varies Multipower; all slots Require a Theury Skill Roll (-½); Side Effects: Hubris (-½)

Each slot represents one ritual that the priest knows. Individual rites may additionally require one or more of the following components:

  1. Liturgy (Incantations) -- the priest must recite passages from the Omega Gospels or other priestly texts. Some rites call for long orations, and others for simple phrases.
  2. Gestures -- Symbols and/or signs must be traced in the air or on the object of the ritual.
  3. Prayer (Concentration and, possibly, Extra Time) -- the priest must meditate for the rite, either a short moment of concentration, or for a longer period of time.


Priests can also learn the proper use of Vestments in rites. Vestments can be used with theurgical rites and non-theurgical rites (Oratory, PS: Liturgy, etc.) Vestments must be properly prepared and purified (using, for example, Santification or Consecration rituals).

Different types of rites require different vestments:

Vestment Type of Rite
Miter Wisdom
Crosier Command, leadership
Robes Protection
Censor Cleansing
Jumpgate cross Morale, aversion
Water Healing
Rosary bead Concentration, meditation

Vestment use is purchased as a priestly power. Theurges can improve the efficacy of Vestment use.

+1 with Priestly Rites (5 Active Points); OAF (appropriate Vestments) (-1)

Theurgical Rites

The costs associated with the below rituals assume that these rituals will be included as ultra slots in a standard Theurgy multipower (as above).

  1. Common Theurgical Rites
  2. Orthodox Rites
  3. Brother Battle Rites
  4. Eskatonic Rites
  5. Amalthean Rites
  6. Chorali Hymns

Church Rituals

The Prophet's Holy Blessing
When a priest traces the Church's symbol over a companion, the ritual aids target in a general task.
+1 Overall Skill Levels, Usable by Others (+½) (12 Active Points), Gestures (-¼)
The Devotional Liturgy
This ritual is designed to increase morale before a coming battle. The priest recites the appropriate passages from the Omega Gospels, and a group are less likely to flee or be frightened during a battle.
+6 PRE, Usable by up to 128 people simultaneously (+2) (18 Active Points), Complicated Liturgy (-½), Only for Defense (-1), Extra time to activate (20 minutes) (-1¼)
The Laying On of Hands
When a theurge lays hands on a wounded character and says a prayer to Saint Almathea, the priest can reverse the effects of damage.
3d6 Healing (Simplified BODY/STUN rules) (30 Active Points), Prayer (½ DCV, -¼)


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