Captain Narven Giishka

Captain Narven Giishka

Honourable Phychi Navy Captain

StatisticsDerived Statistics
Skills / Talents / Perks
2Computer Programming
2Expert: Military History
2Expert: Tucanid Invasion
ELang: Phychi
2Lang: Tradespeak
3Pilot (Starships)
3Professional: Military Officer
1Science: Terraforming
1Social: High Society
3Social: Military Protocol
1Systems Operations
1Vacc Suit
1Zero-G Operations
Combat Skills
4Hand-to-hand (E+2)
EHand-to-hand Evade
3Melee Evade
3Melee Weapons
3Ranged Evade
Social Complications
1Distinctive Features: bald head and a dueling scar on her face. Easily concealed, minor. (5+5)/5
13Code of Honour: Obeys Navy regulations and protocol. Frequent, Total commitment. (10+15)/2
5Watched by enemies in the Navy. As powerful, Empire-wide influence. (10+15)/5
Personality Traits
3Dislikes/distrusts titled Navy officers. Infrequent, Strong. (5+10)/5

Physical Characteristics: 1.8 metres tall, 76 kilos. Pale, caucasian skin, with a bald head and hazel eyes.

Background: Narven Giishka was born on Cetus, a Phychi mining colony. Her father was a professional terraformer, and at an early age, Narven went with him on a survey of Theris. Visiting the barren planet had a profound effect on Narven, and she spent many years obsessed by the Tucanid Invasion of Theris. That obsession was the exegesis of a fascination with military history. When she came of age, she joined the Imperial Naval Academy, and began a distinguished naval career. Her promotion to Captain was a reward for her exceptional performance during the Third Ento War, and she has been commanding her own vessel, the Akthienar, for several years.

Personality: Capt. Giishka is a career Navy officer, and believes in all that makes the Navy function effectively: chain of command, clear orders, and delegation of responsibility. She is a model commander; she has earned the loyalty of her crew and of anyone who has worked alongside her.

If Narven has one weakness, it's her impatience with officers who owe their ranks more to their noble titles than to their competence. In fact, it usually takes a long time for her to warm up to any titled officer -- she thinks that too many of them have never had to push themselves to excell, and Narven expects excellence.

Identifying Quote: "That will be quite enough, I think."

Appearance: Captain Giishka is a tall white woman with a commanding presence. She works out daily, and is exceptionally fit. She prefers to keep her head shaved, and she has a large dueling scar on the right side of her face. She is seldom seen out of uniform. Following the tradition of imperial Navy officers, Narven has personalized her uniform. On top of the basic black, gold and red uniform, she's added gold epaulets, and a half-cape of white fur. When she is on her own ship, she wears the traditional white beret of a starship captain.

Although she is in her forties, she appears to be in her mid-twenties, due to regular anagathic treatments.

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