World Generation Plugin for Fuzion

Step 1: Stellar Data

Fuzion Plug-in

Step 1b: Number of Stars

First, determine the number of stars in the star system.

Roll (3d6) Number of Stars
3-10 Single Star
11-15 Binary Star
16-18 Multiple Star. (Start with two stars; for each, roll again on this chart. Maximum of six stars).

Orbital Period = P = (d3/(M1 + M2))

Step 1b: Star Size

For each star, roll 3d6 to determine the its size.

Roll (3d6) Object Type
3-5 White dwarf (D)
6 Subdwarf (VI)
7-17 Main sequence star (V)
18 Giant (roll to find giant type)
Roll (3d6) Giant Type
3 Supergiant (Ia)
4 Supergiant (Ib)
5 Large giant (II)
6-12 Giant (III)
13-17 Subgiant (IV)
18 Unusual object (roll to find object type)
Roll (2d6) Unusual Object
2-3 Protosun
4-6 Variable Star
7-8 Black Dwarf
9-10 Nebula
11 Neutron Star/Pulsar
12 Black Hole

Step 1c: Spectral Class

This one-letter designation describes the colour and temperature of the star.

The common spectral classes are, from hottest to coolest: O, B, A, F, G, K, M. (easily remembered via the mnemonic "Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me").

Class O, B, and A stars are the hottest, and are white or blue-white in colour. Class F and G are yellow and medium temperature; these are the most likely to have Earthlike planets. K and M are red and only a few thousand degrees cool.

Class Colour
O Blue
B Blue-white
A White
F Yellow-white
G Yellow
K Orange
M Red

Several other stellar classes are very rare: Class W, or Wolf-Rayet stars, are white-hot, more than twice the temperature of O stars. R, N, and S are giant stars which are so cool that they cannot support Earth-type life in their vicinity. R and N -- nowadays classed together as C -- are dim red, and S is an even dimmer reddish-brown.

Spectral classes are further broken down into ten numerical subclasses, 0 (hot) through 9 (cool). Thus our sun, a G2 star, is hotter than a G5 and cooler than a G0, which in turn is slightly cooler than an F9 or F8.

For each star in the system, determine the stellar class.

Main Sequence

Roll (3d6)

Spectral Class















Roll (2d6) Spectral Class
2-4 A
5-8 K
9-10 B
11 M
12 O
Roll (1d6) Spectral Class
1-4 M
5 K
6 G

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