Terran History


Year Event
1958 NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency) is formed
1961 Yuri Gagarin orbits the Earth in Vostok 1
1962 The European Launcher Development Organization (ELDO) and the European Space Research Organization (ESRO) are formed.
1969 Apollo 11's Lunar Module lands on the Moon.
1980 The ELDO and ESRO are finally merged into the European Space Agency (ESA)
1986 The space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after take-off.
1986 The Russian nuclear power station, Chernobyl explodes.
1993 November 1st: The European Union is officially ratified.
1996 Ice is discovered at the south pole of the moon.
1996 The Ariane 5 launcher explodes 40 seconds after take-off.
2029 The new Dalai Lama leads the Tibetan revolution.
2030 The US is forced to cancel a manned mission to Mars, due to budgetary reasons.
2030 The North American economy plummets. The US has accumulated an unparalleled federal deficit.
2034 The US declares martial law to control rioting, starvation, and stockpiling of supplies.
2065 Serendipity Station, the first corporate-owned space station is completed in orbit.
2076 "The Big One" hits California. Over 200,000 people are killed, and several coastal cities are flattened.
2085 A micro-meteorite crashes in to the Indian Ocean.
2090 A group of Eastern European and northern asian countries form the Russian Consortium.
2103 The Russian Space Program begins excavation on the moon for the foundations a permanent lunar colony.
2110 Lunagrad is officially opened, and colonists (mostly from Russian Consortium countries) begin taking up permanent residence there.
2131 The ESA and Japan separately announce plans to begin plans to colonize Mars. Initially, there are talks about working together, but the Japenese government ultimately refuses.
2142 Liminalium is first discovered.
2149 The first liminal field is activated on an orbital space lab.
2153 Dr. Michel Rondeau submits his theory of Jumpspace travel to the European Academy of Astrophysical Sciences
2167 The first working Jump drive is tested in the solar system. The Jump1 drive is still to slow for extra-solar journeys to be practical.
2180 The first Jump2 drive is perfected by scientists in the Russian Consortium.
2193 The first Extrasolar Flight is undertaken. An ESA-manufactured Jump2-capable ship confirms the existence of a habitable extra-solar planet in the Alpha Centauri star system.
2197 The Endeavor carries three hundred colonists to Alpha Centauri
2198 The Endeavor experiences a Jump engine failure, and the crew is forced to stay with the colonists.
2235 France leaves the European Union and adopts its own currency.
2262 The Chinese-Manchurian War.
2291 A German research vessel discovers a ship from the Empire of the Thirteen.
2301 US President Mike Jonas is sworn in.

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