A Brief History of the Empire



50,000 Years Ago

An ancient race transplanted humans to various worlds throughout the known galaxy for unknown reasons. The Phychi call this race the “Rheri”; nothing substantial is known about them.

The first Empire is formed

2000 Years Ago

A race of humans on Theris develops interstellar travel. They meet other humans on nearby worlds, and form the Phychi Empire. The Phychi Empire continues to grow over the span of centuries. The empire’s government is strictly hierarchical; a noble class of Phychi governs the empire, and although thirty other human worlds eventually join the empire, the dominant culture is Phychi.

The Tucanids Invade Theris

1500 Years Ago

A mysterious, but highly advanced race known as the Tucanids suddenly appear in the Phychi system; they launch immediately into an attack that devastates Theris and several nearby worlds.

The Holy Shadu Republic is formed

1400 Years Ago

The Shadu, a deeply religious people, develop interstellar travel, and travel to nearby worlds. Like the Phychi, they discover humans (including the E’crotians) on other planets. They also discover non-human races such as the Syleen and the Kaarg. The Shadu extends their planetary theocracy, into an interstellar government called the Holy Shadu Republic.

The Shadu discover the Phychi

1100 Years Ago

A Shadu missionary ship discovers the remains of the Phychi Empire. Most Phychi worlds had been severely affected by the Tucanid overthrow of the Phychi monarchy, and the Shadu attempt to restore order and technology to the former Phychi Empire. This effort taxes the Shadu’s already overstressed resources.

The Long Night Begins

900 Years Ago

Unable to adapt to governing a Empire that spans hundreds of light-years, the Holy Shadu Republic falls, and a period of relative anarchy ensues. Over the next 400 years, riots take place, technology is lost, famines and diseases decimate worlds, and no one is in control.

The only race to retain any stability is the E’crotians. They become isolationists, and refuse to offer aid to the worlds falling around them.

750 Years Ago

The E’crotians discover the tribal T’yak, and enslave them.

The Empire of the Thirteen is formed

600 Years Ago

Worlds from the former Shadu and Phychi Empires agree to unite under a hybrid Empire - the Empire of the Thirteen. The original four member races include the Phychi, the Shadu, the Syleen and the Gil. A human monarch of mixed Shadu-Phychi heritage is appointed as emperor.

The E’crotians, now the most advanced race, are invited to join, but refuse.

500 Years Ago

The Empire of the Thirteen expands, and other races, including the Ylems and the Drogs, become members.

The First Ento War

450 Years Ago

The Empire discovers the insectoid Ento, and begin a brief territorial war, before a truce is negotiated.

The E'crotian-T'yak War

350 Years Ago

The T’yak rebel against their captors and begin a long, bloody, 80-year war. The E’crotians appeal to the Empire for assistance, but are refused. The Empire clandestinely assists the T’yak, giving them technology and training to fight the E’crotians, who are slaughtered by the billions.

After the war, the T’yak, now armed with E’crotian technology, resume their tribal structure. Some tribes ally themselves with the Empire; others remain independent. At least one tribe dedicates itself to hunting down remaining E’crotian “war criminals”.

Earth Detonates its First Nuclear Bomb

During the Terran “Second World War”, the allied powers develop the nuclear bomb. Two nuclear warheads are used in combat against the Japanese.

The Crash of 2030

270 Years Ago

Earth’s United States experiences a major economic collapse. All of North America feels the impact of the US’s troubles; Europe and Asia are less affected.

150 Years Ago

Terrans first developed interstellar space travel. Earth begins to colonize a number of inhabitable (some just barely inhabitable) worlds of nearby star systems.

Kindred Ship

The Kindred, a warrior race of humans from Garro, are conquered by the empire.

The Doppleganger Crisis

80 Years Ago

The Empire discovers the Dopplegangers. At first, the Empire is unaware that these humanoid aliens are capable of changing shape to imitate humans.

Despite initial panic, the Dopplegangers fail to cause any major disruption.

The Third Ento War

10 Years Ago

The Empire is busy fighting its third frontier war against the Ento. The Empire, unwiling to negotiate a third time, invades the Ento home system and deposes the Ento government.

Earth encounters the Empire

Terrans make first contact with the Empire of the Thirteen. The technology of the Empire is centuries ahead of Earth. Suddenly, all of Earth’s industries are outdated, and Earth enters into a severe period of economic recession. The Empire doesn’t think much of the back-water Terrans.

Now (2301 AD)

The 104th U.S. President, Mike Jonas, is sworn in.

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