Carlos Pereira


Inheritor of an Imperial Merchant Ship

StatisticsDerived Statistics
Skills / Talents / Perks
2Expert: Economics
1Expert: Exploits of Carmen Pereira
2Expert: Terran Tax Law
2Lang: English
ELang: Portugese (Brazilian)
4Professional: Accountant
3Lightning Calculator
Personality Traits
10Coward: Frequent, Strong - (10+10)/2
5Unlucky: Infrequent, Mild - (5+5)/2


A 15-year veteran of the merchant trade has recently begun an independant business venture. Looking for a qualified crew to fill these positions:

  • Pilot
  • Navigator
  • Steward (medical experience an asset)
  • Engineer
  • Gunner
  • Cargo manager

Experience with Imperial technology is extremely beneficial!

We plan to exploit the growing market for Imperial merchandise. We offer competitive wages, or profit sharing plan.

Physical Characteristics: 1.6 metres tall, 62 kilos. Hispanic complection, with black hair and dark brown eyes.

Background: Carlos Pereira has spent the last fifteen years of his life as an accountant for a large corporation in Brazil-- fifteen years when he would rather have been out travelling from world to world like his grandmother, Carmen Maria Pereira, a successful and moderately famous merchant/adventurer.

Pereira has just recently inherited Carmen's merchant ship, the Regalia, an Imperial vessel that's been fitted with enough Terran technology that it can operate effectively in the Terran Realm. Carmen Pereira passed away of old age (rare for a spacer) -- a true merchant to the end, she was on her way to a meeting to purchase cargo when she suffered a fatal heart-attack. Carlos has not fully recovered from the loss of his hero, but upon learning that he was the sole heir, he quit his job, travelled to the Terran frontier to collect the ship, and is planning to hire a new crew.

Personality: Carlos is out to prove that he is just as good a merchant as his grandmother was. Unfortunately, he has no experience as a merchant, and relies heavily on the player characters to make a lot of the decisions. Every once in a while, though, he becomes convinced that he's right about things, and can't be talked out of a course of action.

Carlos bends the truth a bit when he's trying to hire a crew; he'll tell them that he's worked for a merchant corporation for fifteen years, but will neglect to mention that he only worked in the accounting department, and he'll say that he needs an experienced crew because he's new to small, independent merchant work. But he'll insist that he's the captain of the ship.

Carlos loves to imagine himself a suave adventurer, and may be inclined to embellish his experience, but when the going gets tough, he’ll be hiding out in his quarters.

Identifying Quote: "Listen, it's my ship, and I say that we're going to make money in the Hadiuk system. If you think you know the Empire's merchant trade better than me, then get your own ship."

Appearance: Gonzales is a thin unimpressive man, standing approximately 1.6 metres tall, and weighing 62 kilograms. He has black hair which he combs back, and wears a thin moustache.

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