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Conspiracy Theory

[M]ore governments have been changed, since World War II by the coup d'Etat than by any other method. More governments have been changed by coup than by all the democratic elections and revolutions combined.

Since every coup is by definition a conspiracy, this means that conspiracies have had more effect on the past 40 years of world history than all the electoral politics and all the popular revolutions added together. That is rather ominous, in a period when "educated" opinion holds that it is infamous, nutty, eccentric or downright paranoid to think about consipiracies at all. We are, in effect, forbidden to think about how the planet is actually governed.

Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Conspiracy

Okay, I'm a sucker for the classic conspiracy story of all time: the Kennedy Assassination!

I love reading about the JFK assassination, and to be frank, I have no idea whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. There's a big part of me that thinks that maybe the answer is "no". But I believe much more strongly that in the flurry of JFK books, TV programs, merchandising, minor cover-ups, etc., we have completely lost the ability to ever know what really happened in Dealy Plaza. The events, if I may wax postmodernist, are now merely simulacra -- removed far too many times from reality to ever be appropriated under the title of 'truth'. But still, I try to look through the obvious fallacies.

My New Christmas Present

For Christmas this year, I got an original copy of the famous February 21st, 1964 issue of Life magazine. What a gift!.

Case Sera Sera!

About a year ago, I read Gerald Posner's book Case Closed. I had a bit of a crisis of faith, because until then I had been staunchly pro-conspiracy. Posner makes some compelling arguments. However, as I started to do a bit of research into his material, I found that he made a lot of misleading statements. Consider:

  • The strange death of Lee Bowers.
  • More to come...

New Evidence?

Oswald Talked book cover

Oswald Talked: The New Evidence in the JFK Assassination, by Ray and Mary La Fontaine, is a new book that brings new evidence to light, including:

  1. The identity of the "three tramps" arrested in the railroad yard behind the grassy knoll. The authors originally discovered that their names were recorded by Dallas police, contrary to popular belief. The original 1963 arrest record provides confirmation of their identities. This account was originally published in a newspaper article for the Houston Post. Many conspiracy theorists have suggested that the "three tramps" were assassins, whom the Dallas Police Department released, either through incompetence, or as part of a conspiracy.
  2. There is strong evidence that another man arrested that day, John Elrod, may have been Oswald's cellmate during the early period of Oswald's arrest for the murder of police officer J.D. Tippit. Elrod's 1963 arrest record is available, as well as an FBI report from 1964, when Elrod attempted to tell Shelby County police about his arrest the previous year. At that time, the FBI discounted the story because there was no record of his 1963 arrest. Although Elrod maintains that his cellmate was Oswald, the 1964 report does not contain this information -- the cellmate is listed as unknown.
  3. Elrod maintains that Oswald identified a man with a "smashed up face" who was escorted into the cell by police. Police records show that Lawrence Reginald Miller, had been arrested days earlier on charges of gunrunning. His face had been smashed into the windshield of a the blue Thunderbird which was chased by police until it crashed into a pole. Elrod claimed that Oswald had previously met Miller in a hotel room where Miller had received money for some type of contract. Elrod also remembered Oswald saying that Miller drove a Thunderbird (Miller was actually the passenger on the day of his arrest), and that one of the other men in the hotel room was Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby has been linked with gunrunning, both in a confession he made while in jail, and by other JFK investigators.

This new evidence strongly suggests that Oswald knew Jack Ruby (his murderer) before the assassination, contrary to what the Warren commission concluded. If they did, then there is a high likelihood of conspiracy.


For more information about the La Fontaine's articles, check out The Truth is Redacted web site.

My Favourite Silly JFK Theories

Following are some of the best stupid theories about the JFK assassination:

  • The "Protect the Pres... ooops" Theory

    According to Bonar Menninger in his book Mortal Error, the fatal head-shot was actually delivered by Secret Service agent George Hickey, who accidently fired his AR-15 rifle after Lee Harvey Oswald started shooting. Hickey was riding in the next limousine back.

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