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I was hanging out in Ohio with a friend of mine, and she showed me a copy of a comic strip called "Tranny Towers"; the comic had apparently appeared one page at a time in a local GLBT magazine, and had been written and drawn by Diana Green.

It was also a furry story; the main characters were anthropomorphized animals. She wrote that she wanted to show transgendered people as "more than objects of ridicule or pity, as three-dimensional humans (okay, with tails)."

Now, I've seen some trannie comics before (Little Trannie Franny stands out in my mind, here). I've seen adult-themed furry stories as well (like Omaha the Cat Dancer). But "Tranny Towers" struck me as a really cute idea.

So I thought, hey, I wonder if I could do something like that. I'll also confess that I've been really impressed by the story-telling in Strangers in Paradise, and thinking that I should try my hand at comics. So, here goes.


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