The Skill List

Fading Suns classifies skills into two types: Natural Skills and Learned Skills.

Natural Skills

Natural Skills are, basically, things that any character can do. Characters can improve their natural skills, but all characters have them. In Hero terms, some Natural Skills are Everyone Skills (Sneak/Stealth), some are standard maneuvers (Dodge), and some are close to characteristics (Impress seems close to Presence).

Natural Skills are difficult to translate directly into Hero terms, and some judgement must be used in all cases.

Fading Suns Skill Hero System Skill
Charm Presence (or, in some cases, Seduction or Conversation, depending on character concept)
Dodge Standard Maneuver
Fight Standard Attacks
Impress Presence
Melee Standard Attacks
Observe Perception
Shoot Weapon Familiarity and Combat Skill Levels (not necessarily an Everyone skill in Hero)
Sneak Stealth
Vigor Running, Jumping, Swimming, Climbing and Endurance for Holding Breath.

The Learned Skills

Fading Suns Learned Skill Hero System Skill
Academia PS: Academic, PS: Researcher, or Inventor
Acrobatics Acrobatics
Alchemy PS: Alchemist or Science: Chemistry
Archery Combat Skill Levels, Penalty Skill Levels or other combat skills
Artisan PS: Blacksmith, PS: Carpenter, PS: Cartographer, PS: Cook, PS: Jeweler, PS: Leatherworker, etc.
Arts PS: Calligrapher, PS: Drawing, PS: Embroidery, PS: Illumination, etc.
Beast Lore Animal Handler
Bureaucracy Bureaucracy
Combat Actions Martial Arts (including weapon-based Martial Arts, like Fencing)
Crossbow Weapon Fam: Crossbow
Disguise Disguise
Drive Transport Fam, Combat Driving, or Combat Piloting
Empathy Science: Psychology, or KS: (Culture)
Etiquette (High Society) High Society
Focus Generally represented using EGO
Gambling Gambling
Inquiry PS: Investigator, Criminology or Interrogation
Knavery Persuasion
Lockpicking Lockpicking
Lore KS: (Things), KS: (Alien Cultures), KS: (Regions), KS: Jumpweb
Performance Acting, PS: Dancing, PS: Musician
Physick PS: Physician or PS: Surgeon
Read Literacy with a Language (see Speak)
Remedy Paramedics
Ride Riding
Science Science
Search Concealment
Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand
Social: Acting Acting
Social: Debate Conversation, Persuasion
Social: Leadership Leadership
Social: Oratory Oratory
Spacesuit PS: Spacesuit Operations
Speak Language
Stoic Body Resistance or Life Support
Stoic Mind Mental Defence
Streetwise Streetwise
Survival Survival
Tech Redemption Electronics, Mechanics, Weaponsmith or Professional Skills
Think Machine Systems Operations
Throwing Weapon Familiarity, combat skills
Torture Interrogation
Tracking Tracking
Warfare: Artillery Weapon Familiarity
Warfare: Demolitions Demolitions
Warfare: Gunnery Weapon Familiarity
Warfare: Military Tactics Tactics
Xeno-Empathy KS: (Alien Culture) or Science: Xeno-Psychology

Everyone Skills

The Fading Suns notion of "Natural Skills" is a list of skills that all characters have automatically. Its intention, therefore, is identical to the intention of Hero System Everyone Skills. Fading Suns campaigns should have the following Everyone Skills:

The Natural Skills (Everyone Skills)
Acting, 8-
AK: [Home World], 8-
Climbing, 8-
Concealment, 8-
Conversation, 8-
Deduction, 8-
Language, [Native Language] (idiomatic)
Paramedics, 8-
Persuasion, 8-
Shadowing, 8-
Stealth, 8-

Most characters are assumed to speak Urthist, unless they're alien. Literacy is not included for free.

Skill Notes


The following languages are common:

Race Language Notes
Gannok Tok Tok No written form
Human (Known Worlders) Urthish  
  Urthtech Engineers only
  Graceful Tongue al-Malik only
  Scraver's Cant Scraver's only
Vorox Vorox  

Tech Redemption

The following skills represent the Tech Redemption skills in Fading Suns.

Tech Redemption
Fading Suns Skill Hero System Skill
Craft Redemption PS: Craft Redemption (repair of crafted items)
Mech Redemption Mechanics
Volt Redemption Electronics
High Tech Redemption

PS: High Tech Redemption -- Jumpdrives

PS: High Tech Redemption -- Golems

PS: High Tech Redemption -- Think Machines


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