Those Who Trade:


Usually, merchants belong to a guild. Players may also be non-guild merchants (called Yeomans). The guilds work very hard to ensure that their technologies and secrets aren't used outside of their ranks, but there are exceptions.

Major Guild

Name Notes  
Charioteers Charioteers are pilots and traders in the Known Worlds. They alone know how to construct the Jumpkeys necessary to travel through the Jumpgates.
The Supreme Order of Engineers The guild that seeks to master technology. Engineers create technological devices, and repair existing devices when they have worn down. Engineers are also involved in extremely scientific research -- genetic engineering, xenobiology and others.
Scravers Scravers started out as scavengers for old tech, and while they still perform that role, they have also diversified into areas of vice: gambling, prostitution, etc. They're a strange combination of junkyard owners and mafia.
The Muster (Chainers) The Muster trades in people (and animals). If you need skilled labour -- fighters, bounty hunters, scholars, technicians -- the Muster can hire out to you. The Muster are also slavers.
Reeves (Gray Faces) The Reeves are the guild that have taken on two of the most despised roles in the Known Worlds: that of lawyers and bankers. They are also interested in information propagation -- they control what little media remains -- and often act as advisors to nobles or other organizations. As bankers for the Known Worlds, they enforce their own loan repayments.

The Minor Guilds

Following are some of the minor guilds: several of these guilds are unlikely to go out adventuring, but they still play a role in 51st-century life.

Name Notes
Apothecaries This is the guild to go to for Physicks, medicines and other healers.
Brewers This guild brews drinks often needing to removing taint and impurities from food (grapes, rye) and water.
Bureaucrats Bureaucrats perform anything from processing paperwork for a noble house to tax collection.
Carnivaliers This is a guild of circus performers.
Courtesans Everyone needs someone to love... if only for an evening. And this guild helps those in need.
Gourmands This guild provides the finest chefs and cooks in the Known Worlds.
The Masque This is a guild of actors and stage performers.
Mercurians A guild of practical jokers.
The Oubliette This guild caters to the treatment of the mentally ill. Better the Oubliette than to be burned by Inquisitors.
Pedagogues An umbrella guild of several sub-guilds: Nannies, Governesses, Tutors
Prospectors A guild for those who go out looking for ores, precious stones or other natural resources.
Promoters (Shills) This guild manipulates public opinion.
Purgers The garbage haulers of the Known Worlds
Slayers This extremely secretive guild is specializes in assassins.
Stewards Stewards provide style and etiquette advice to those who were not born into high society. Stewards are essential for social climbers, but taking advice from a steward is considered uncouth and low.
Vagabonds Not quite a "guild" per se, but these hobos have a strong set of traditions.
Weaponsmiths Need a weapon repaired? This is the guild for you.
Wordwrights Even the Known Worlds need writers -- journalists, book authors, etc. -- and a good Wordwright makes even the most banal goings-on at court exciting.
Wranglers People who tend to beasts, Wranglers are like old-west cowboys.

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