People that I Think are Neato Cool

Friends and Family

Not very many of my friends are actually on the web (but more and more are getting web pages every day). Here are some of the ones who are:

Aahz Maruch

His .sig used to read "Changing the 'Net, one flame at a time." I think that's probably the best description of Aahz that I've ever heard. Despite his curmugeonly Usenet personality, he's really quite cuddly in person. His web site demonstrates the absolute latest in Lynx aesthetics. :-)

Alexa Wing

My cool friend, Alexa-the-sometimes-diva, has finally put up her own web site. She's yet another former Sarnian, and I think that her recitals are just incredible. I hope she'll sing "I'm Tone Deaf" again sometime, because it was a hoot.

Chris Irie

Chris is quite possibly one of my oldest friends; we've known each other since I was in grade 10. Christopholes has one of the oddest, driest senses of humour that I've ever been exposed to. We don't see all that much of each other any more, unfortunately.

fairest one

A really nifty person, who helped me a lot through hard time and who has a neat no-nonsense attitude. I don't see her very often, but I really enjoy chatting with her on LiveJournal.

Harry Blundell

Harry and I met in grade 13, and we ended up going to the same University. He later went on to get his Ph.D. in particle physics, although he now works in the computer industry. Harry's web page shows off his right-brain exercises -- a rare thing for him. :-) Harry and I are very different from each other, and those differences have grown far more pronounced over the years. Oh well. That's what makes friendships refreshing.

Kaia Kruus

A dear, sweet friend who was there for me.

Paul Myers

Another old high school/university friend of mine. Like most people I went to school with, Paul got his Ph.D., and as a result, he moved very far away. He's back in the country now, but out on the east coast, and I don't get to see him too often.

Shaun Softly Falling

A cool person with whom I've had interesting conversations. He was gracious enough to drag me all over Minneapolis when I was there recently.

Siobhán NiLoughlin

Sexy, smart, well-read, pinko-commie, and with double the normal number of holes in her head. Who could ask for anything more?

Star Straf

The sexy and talented Star Straf has just recently moved to Kansas. Look out, Dorothy!

Stef Maruch

A nifty person, whose words have helped me through a lot of tough times (both when she was talking directly to me, and when I was just another reader on alt.polyamory). One of the things I find very comfortable about Stef is that we seem to think about things in very similar ways.

Sue Davis

A friend of mine from Usenet circles, I've bumped into Sue on multiple occasions, but never quite the way we planned to bump into each other. Her web site has been broken for over a year, and it may never reappear.

Other People I Know

Bikerbabe in Black Leather

Always friendly. Always smiling. He's the sort of guy you want along with you if you get marooned on a desert island, 'cause he'll build a hut, a coconut picking device, and a twin-propellor biplane. Emphasis on the bi.

Eric Veach

Eric is a mathematical prodigy and was one of my closer friends during high school and university. I can't honestly say that I've spoken to him at all in the last ten years, though. He's now at Stanford.

James Alan Gardner

Jim was one of the FASS crowd in University. I remember being fascinated by the way he was able to make a science out of writing farce, and by the skill with which he could coach other people to improve their own writing. Now he writes really, really good science fiction novels, and I send him drooling fan mail.

Jeliza Patterson

We met at a conference in Chicago; she has a really kewl web page. I hope that one day I can get to know her better.

Jennifer Ross

The story of our meeting is just simply too bizarre to believe.

Miqqi Gilbert

Miqqi was one of the people who taught me how to be "out" about difference.

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