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Oh, hai! This page is, like, really old and barely updated. So I'm adding some new stuff on my blog. There's probably going to be some overlap for a while.

I've been playing role-playing games since I first discovered Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) at age 13. I don't get a chance to play much anymore -- mostly because my old gaming crowd has dispersed to different cities -- but I still spend too much money on gaming stuff.

Hero Campaigns

Star Hero

At the moment, my favourite rules are the Hero system by Hero Games.


  • Unseen Toronto

    An urban fantasy campaign.

  • Fading Suns

    A conversion of Holistic Design's futuristic Dark Ages game.

  • Beulah: The Champions of Los

    An interdimensional/time-travel/science-fantasy campaign.

  • The Northern Guard Reformed

    In 1998, the third incarnation of the Northern Guard, Canada's government-sponsored super-team, decided to disband. In late 2002, the Canadian government decided to reform the team and put out a call for heroes.

    A four-colour superheroic campaign set in the Champions Universe.

  • The Hole

    Originally based on an article by Jeff Koke in the first issue of Pyramid Magazine, the Hole is a campaign setting in which characters from various times (and possibly, various dimensions) have been mysteriously transported to a 30 mile-wide hole on the surface of a barren planet. The hole has old buildings, trees and water, but no way to leave.

  • The Empire of the Thirteen

    A Star Hero campaign.

  • Star Trek

    I've been running a Star Hero-based Star Trek campaign for a while now. The players are junior crew officers on a recently-refitted Constitution-class starship set around about the 4th-5th season of ST:TNG. (The Borg incident at Wolf 359 seriously weakened the fleet, and a number of older-model starships were refitted to quickly build up the number of ships).

    My campaign has followed the careers of a group of Star Fleet officers from their cadet cruises to their first posting on the USS Arkadelphia, which is in the early part of a long-term, deep space astronomy mission. A few officers have recently reached the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Other Stuff

  • Hex maps created using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in one inch and half inch scales. If you don't have an SVG viewer already installed on your machine, try getting the free one from Adobe or use Firefox 1.5 or higher. Actually, go for Firefox; it's much better.
  • Some Star Hero stuff:
  • Science Skills from The Ultimate Skill, in an easy-to-read format:
  • Traveller Starships Deckplans
  • I'm also secretly working on an RPG called Ravenous Labyrinth. Shhh!

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