B.C. and the Bible: Evolution and Creationism


I am both a mathematician and post-modernist thinker; as such, although I tend to believe in "facts" and "proof", I think they are generally contained within the domain of mathematics, and although mathematics can be used to model our world, those models are often incomplete in some form. Nonetheless, at some level, I believe that one must accept that a degree of certainty can be ascribed to some beliefs and understandings of the world. For example, atomic theory and the theory of general relativity both model observed behaviour so neatly that one must acknowledge, with high probability, the correctness of those theories.

So it is with the theories of evolution and common descent. I would say, with high certainty, that these theories describe the true origins of life on earth. I submit, further, that the theory of creationism, as implied by literal interpretations of the bible, contradicts observed occurances.

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The Little Blue Book: Life -- How Did it Get Here?

Recently, I had a debate with my Jehovah's Witness friend; he argued that the Jehovah's Witness publication Life -- How Did it Get Here? By Evolution or Creation debunks the theory of evolution. I have decided to create this web page as a response to the specific arguments put forth by that publication.

The following sections use the same outline as Life uses. Thus, for example, Chapter 1, "Definitions and Overall Arguments", considers material that was presented in Life, Chapter 1, "Life -- How Did it Start?"

Appendix: The Little Orange Book

One of the many publications of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is a little orange book entitled The Bible: God's Word or Man's. This is one of the first publications that my friend passed on to me. A simple treatment of evolution is provided. However, it is interesting to note that the treatment is an argument against evolution rather than for creation.

The book's argument against evolution is summed up as follows:

  1. There are gaps in fossil records. Evolution theorists would expect to find fossil examples of transitional lifeforms. The orange book claims that these fossils do not exist. This claim is solely supported with a quotation from a scientist, Francis Hitching: "When you look for links between major groups of animals, they simply aren't there."

    This argument simply isn't true. For specific examples of transitional fossils, refer to the Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution FAQ on the talk.origins Archive.

    Further, Francis Hitching has no scientific credentials, but is rather a sensationalist TV screenwriter. For more information, see the talk.origins Archive essay on Francis Hitching.

  2. Still to come...

1 Francis Hitching. The Neck of the Giraffe. p.14. As quoted in The Bible: God's Word or Man's? p.106.

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