Who's Who in the TG World

Alison Laing

Former executive director of IFGE.

See my interview with Alison.

Ariadne Kane

Androgynes are people who take elements of conventional masculinity and femininity and blend them in a way that is unique to their personal expression.

- Ariadne Kane

Ariadne Kane is one of the leaders in the Transgender community. She formed the Tiffany Club (originally called Cherrystone, and for a time, the Mayflower Club). In 1975, Ariadne organized Fantasia Fair, an annual transgender event that is still held in Provincetown every year. Ariadne also founded the Outreach Institute, an organisation that keeps her in contact with Dr. Docter.

Brandon Teena
F2M TG who was murdered in a small town in Nebraska because his transgendered nature was revealed to the town by the police after a minor brush with the law.
Dallas Denny
Post-operative M2F TS, and the executive director of AEGIS.
JoAnn Roberts
M2F Cross-dresser and TG activist. Owns a TG-oriented business, and has published numerous magazines. Has her own web page.
Kate Bornstein
A post-operative M2F transsexual lesbian, playwright and author of the book Gender Outlaw. One of my heroes!
Leslie Feinberg
Masculine woman, marxist, drag king, grassroots activist, and writer. Has written Stone Butch Blues, Transgender Warriors and Trans Liberation.
Loren Cameron
F2M TG artist/photographer. His first exhibition was "Our Vision, Our Voices: Transsexual Portraits and Nudes"
Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
Miqqi is a Professor of Philosophy at York University, and a cross-dresser. She is the former president of the transgender group Xpressions, and the editor the The Monarch: Canada's Transgender Reader. She frequently also contributes columns to Transgender Tapestry.
Nancy Reynolds Nangeroni
TS activist, and webmistress of GenderTalk. She's a former Executive Director of the IFGE. She's also the one who designed that funky transgender logo.
Quentin Crisp

It was very difficult in England for all those years. They stood with their faces [an inch from my nose] saying, "Who the hell do you think you are?" And I used to say, "Oh dear, you mean I have to be somebody just to walk down Oxford street?"

- Quentin Crisp

  • Born: 'reluctantly' on December 25th, 1908 in Sutton, England
  • Worked as an illustrator and designer of bookcovers before becoming an art school model.
  • In 1965 he published his biography, The Naked Civil Servant, which was made into a teleplay by Thames Television in 1975 (The teleplay starred John Hurt in the role of Quentin Crisp).
  • Moved to the United States in 1981. Now lives in New York.
  • Once described as one of the great 'stately homos of England'.
  • Appeared in the role of Queen Elizabeth in the Sally Potter film, Orlando
Riki Anne Wilchins
Activist and writer. Riki is the founder of the Transexual Menace, the organizer of Camp Trans and the Executive Director of GenderPAC.

Riki is also the author of the excellent book Read My Lips.

Sandy Stone
M2F Transgender theorist and writer. Author of "The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto".
Stacy Clement
M2F transgendered psychology grad student studying crossdressing and family life
Virginia Prince
The godmother of M2F cross-dressers -- Virginia Prince is a spokesperson for crossdressing issues, and was the first person to coin the term 'transgendered'. She was the publisher of many magazines, including Transvestia, and founded the heterosexual CD group, Tri-Ess.

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